Marriage Functions

At Lake City Resort, Wada the design of the venue seems like a dream place, where we can hold weddings and let our visitor’s dreams come true ambitiously. The place where the royalty matters this place makes you feel that way too. Our décor is quite eye-catching where you feel loved and taken care of. The authentic wedding aroma like yellowish ambrosial pastel, jharokhas, scalloped pillars, and regal interiors will take your wedding to a different vibe. Lake City Resort’ wedding venue will be even brighter than normal sunny daylight.

We are at a place where we welcome around 10,000 sq. ft. of our guests for a perfect dream wedding night to be witnessed. We offer three lawns, with a banquet hall (for mid-sized functions, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, cocktail and bachelor parties, social events, etc.) with the terrace itself. With our best qualitative chefs to welcome our guests and offer them splendid delicious veg food. In The Everest hill restaurant’s wedding lawns, banquet hall, and independent mewari villas you will experience the best and most splendid hospitality with us.